Student-Centred Approach

Check out the link Student-Centered Learning and Teaching

This article  reflects the way I teach and want to continue to teach my current students.  What interested me as I read it was that the factors I use in my classroom are also ones that I encourage my students to use with the children in their care.

As we provide meaningful content and curriculum for our adult learners, it’s important to reinforce this learning with hands-on, constructed knowledge.  The Workplace  delivery model allows the students to learn from the instructor, from each other in class discussions and presentations, and to learn by doing.  For example, this week in class we learned the criteria to construct an Invitation for Learning, created an example in class, and then applied this knowledge the next day as students went back to their early learning centres to test it out with children.

The context in how they create this Invitation will be based on the assessment rubric, but allows the students to use their own experiences to guide them in ways that are relevant to their own experiences.

The principles in the article are good reminders that adult learners are a lot like children (in a good way!).  Their learning is based on having personal needs met, their past experiences with learning, how motivated they are, the relationship they have with the teacher, and most recently, how much sleep they’ve had the night before!

Which of the principles apply most in your practices?


2 thoughts on “Student-Centred Approach

  1. The article was a great read. Thank you for sharing.

    I am curious to know more about the strategies your students used with their early learners and how they were or weren’t effective. I completely agree with you that adult learners are a lot like child learners. We are all human after all. Children and their simplicity in their early lives, I think, is a reminder of how simple we can be as well. Without our adult habits of over thinking. I think that being in the early child education profession gives you a huge background for your classroom of adults. Which I’m sure if a fun switch.

    Personally, I am not a teacher yet. I am working toward teaching in hair styling. We did a fun project when I was in hair school. We were to look through magazines. Find a hair style that we can see ourselves doing in the salon, and then create the look on the mannequin. I would love to use this student-centered approach in my class because it is something they are going to do in the salon every single day. I feel like it takes the pressure off when they get into the salon.

    Thank you again for your post. I really enjoyed reading it.


  2. Hi Holly, A very well constructed Blog indeed. The reflection you make from your chosen Student-centered approach article to your own learning method is represented very well. I know we are supposed to leave a critical comment, but I honesty find it hard to see a flaw in your approach. Very well done indeed.



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