Digital Storytelling

Documentation?  NO THANKS!

In our early childhood education classes, we encourage the students to document the children’s day/learning for parents.

This is very time consuming as you have to take pictures of the children, wait for them to be developed or printed off, and then displayed on a bulletin or poster board for parents.  The processes they are engaging in or the skills they are developing must then be written and shared with parents, who may or may not take the time to have a look.

This is frustrating for students as many don’t get prep time to do this at work, and any efforts they do take are often overlooked.  Guess what?  It’s not being done on a regular basis. Shocking, I know!

What’s the solution?  Something quick, easy, appealing, and… digital?  Parents are always on their devices anyway, right?

I looked into the program called Animoto, and thought, “Hmm, this looks simple yet effective.  Could it work?”

My students are taking a course called “Play” and must choose a topic that promotes the various types of play such as block play, risky play, outdoor play, loose parts play, etc.  I could have them take pictures of the children involved in the stages of the types of play, slide them into the program, and add short descriptions as necessary.  Music and other graphics can then be chosen according to themes if desired.

The students could then upload them on a memory stick to play in digital photo frames for the parents, children, and co-workers to see.  The story can also be emailed to the parents for their own viewing pleasure.  What I love about this option is that since all students will choose a different topic, all topics can be loaded on the same USB and create 13 different stories!

The benefit to the parents is that they have an entertaining yet informative view into their child’s day, in three minutes or less.  Who wouldn’t make time for that?!

Before having them try this technology in an assignment, I thought it best to try it out first.  This is a simple documentation of the Cardboard Challenge that was held at Assiniboine Community College last week.


One thought on “Digital Storytelling

  1. Holly, this is magic! What a great idea for using Animoto. I totally agree! This would work for all grades! I wonder about the provacy but if a student is taking pictures of themselves during the day and creating Animotos for their parents, is this not the most amazing parent engagement and invitiation! I am always trying to think up uses for Animoto now! PS loved the cardboard challenge, too.


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