Inquiry Project – You’re Stressing Me Out!

“Find a passion and learn how to do it!” (Eva Brown)

This assignment put me into a panic!  I need time to think about something so important!

I had a few ideas of things I was slightly interested in that I could try – knitting, crocheting, painting, cake decorating, or making lotion.  I was wishing that this assignment had popped up a month ago when I taught myself how to make a t-shirt quilt for my daughter.

Anyhow, I decided on crocheting; my Mom always made it look easy.

I went through the first steps of choosing instructions and yarn.  I started thinking that this could be the most boring project ever – certainly not suitable for my blog name of “out-of-the-box-ECE”.  Plus, I have more blankets that I know what to do with!

I decided that I don’t have time to create and try a new passion at this moment in time.  It was really stressing me out!

That’s when I found a relevant topic for me – managing stress!  I knew that it would immediately be put to use.

I went through the steps to research the topic through my usual channels – Pinterest and YouTube.  I learned a lot – most of it was unrelated to my topic however.  There’s just so much to look at!  The Pinterest humor memes were the most interesting, and since laughter is a good stress reliever, I justified the time spent laughing.

I asked friends and family for advice.  I even made plans to go with a friend to yoga.  I was pretty happy when she cancelled on me!  It was cold, I was hungry, and this is the excuse I was looking for. 

My daughter suggested massage, and that was easy enough to follow through on.  In the end, that’s what I enjoyed the most, and was also grateful for the additional knowledge that I got when I was there.  Learning about acupressure points and aromatherapy was building on my previous knowledge and fit in well with my interests.

What I gained the most from this experience was empathy for my own students.  I’ll remember to consider their interests, their styles of learning, time constraints, and even stress management skills.  They don’t have time for “make work” assignments, and they want to use their learning immediately.

Off to book another massage… 🙂


One thought on “Inquiry Project – You’re Stressing Me Out!

  1. Holly,I was stressed about this project too. I didn’t give much thought to creating the internal dialogue required to create an opportunity for learning (constructivism at its finest!) Thanks for reminding me that learning needs to be an interal processes of self reflection on the “its ok to say I have done enough”. Sometimes we judge our students by the efforts they have made on any given assignment. Sometimes we need reminded that it is an assignment and not the student’s interest in the subject, the value they place on the course or anything else personal. Sometimes the adult student has made a choice to “toss the crocheting”. We need to embrace this as part of the balance of adult learners. Great stuff!


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